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o you want to incorporate existing furnishings or purchase new? Are you moving or remodeling? Do you prefer contemporary or traditional design?

We'll help you answers these questions and more to create an environment that's right for you. Quality materials and a commitment to exceptional service are what we're all about.

*(our specialties)
Window Treatments*
Imagine a spectacular view before you look outdoors with draperies, shades, silhouettes, luminettes, wood blinds and more!
Tile & Granite Design*
Picture something totally unique in ceramic, marble, alabaster, glass or granite.
Floor Inlays
Take a stroll to rosones, glass, wood or metal for decorative finishing touches.
Color Consultation*
Develop the perfect mix using paint, wallpaper and faux finishing for added color and texture.
Custom Wood Cornices*
Create the crowning touch from simple to ornamental and everything in between.
Carpet & Reupholstery
Feel comfortable with something beautiful and easy to care for.
Begin with a bright idea using pendants, chandeliers, wall sconces and more!
Space Planning
Make a way for the space to fit you.
  ... and more

Susan and Tom still blink when they walk into their bathroom. The room is now dressed floor to ceiling in warming neutrals. The window treatments create an atmosphere that's light and airy. The tile design is classically sophisticated. The chocolate vanity beautifully contrasts with the overall color scheme...

...And it was done in three easy steps:

STEP 1.We look at the direction for a room.

In this particular case, Susan and Tom had a lot of options available to them. Since the bathroom was completely new construction, we began with what you see here, essentially a blank slate. They wanted roomy, easy to care for, and contemporary.

STEP 1. Under Construction

STEP 2.Looking at the computer layout, this is what they chose before anything was physically done.

STEP 2. Design Concept

STEP 3.From the glass block wall and vanity, to the fixtures and  paint...everything came together to make it a place they love
to be in.

STEP 3. Finished

Whether totally new construction, outdated interiors, or if you just want to replace the curtains, give us a call. We'll help take the guesswork out of decorating, and get you to where you want to be.

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